Saturday, August 30, 2008

Remant structures by a wetland in Groton

Here is a ridge just east of a wetland. Around a larger boulder on the ridge were traces of structures. Not just rock piles but also little groups of rocks in a line running for ten or so feet across the ridge and down into the water. One connects with the large rock along the way. Here is one view with the wetland to the right.See the big rock is in line with a line of rocks that comes up from the left and goes off towards the water to the right of of the rock. A small rock pile is visible in the foreground. Here is a closer view of the big rock:Some other things nearby, included more piles:And more little lines of rocks leading towards the water:It is all very indistinct. Call it what you like, native American or colonial European, this is a little archeological site with no obious interpretation. The only familiar sight is stone lines running over a ridge and down towards water.

If that is going to be the theme, I might as well put this here. A picture, also from those same Groton Woods, of a short stretch of stone wall


Tim MacSweeney said...

I'd give it the "Indian Look" label. That last photo of the stone row has the big end stone at the lower towards the water (fresh or salt marsh, you didn't say?)and is something I see all the time. Those are two different ( but the same kinda stone) boulders in the first and second photo, right?
The second one looks sort of "sculptural" to me, a great turtle face perhaps...

pwax said...

It is the same boulder in the first two pictures.