Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A new site from Larry Harrop and Bob Miner

JimP writes:

Have you seen Larry's latest blog entry? The highlight is the video. Check it out!

[I have never seen something so clearly Native American.]


Norman said...

Larry and Bob have stumbled on something pretty spectacular. The several still photos on Larry's recent blog post are very nice, but it is the short video clip that truly shows that this is a major discovery. I only hope that this site will be studied very carefully by an archaeologist, because it is that important.

JimP said...

This site lies within a vast area consisting of hundreds, probably thousands of stone structures that lie across several towns and stretches well into Connecticut. If there was ever a center of stone structure activity in New England, this was surely it.

To be quite honest, I knew it was a matter of time before this kind of discovery was made in this area. I didn't react with surprise at all. I reacted with, "finally!"

Kudos to Bob and Larry. I'm jealous once again, but I'm glad I can at least boast responsibility for pointing those two gentlemen to this area in the first place. I knew it was coming.