Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Old Well - King Phillip's Woods Sudbury, MA

Last post about KPW, I promise. I took lots of other pictures, there is lots more to observe and more to think about in terms of the history of the place. This, again, was a home to Indians during the earliest colonial period. Then 50 years later a son or grandson of Massasoit, started a war. Here in Sudbury, according to the story, was where they fought the last battle that the Indians won. After that they had exhausted themselves and never recovered. They abandoned this land.
Did anyone live here after that? Maybe but it also looks like someone came back and performed ceremonies until maybe not too long ago. Someone remembered the place and built rock piles. Other piles look quite old and run down. There is a lot to look at there.


Norman said...

I know very little about wells, but I have read that Native American examples were known in the colonial period. The one you show looks unusual because it is square and not round. I hope someone who is familar with wells comments.

Anonymous said...

There was a tavern in that area where supposedly several skeletons the victims of highway robbers were found.