Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today's search terms

Here are some search terms that recent visitors used to find this place. You can see that on an average day a certain number of people go to the Internet to find out about rock piles. I only report search terms used by people who spent more than a minute here.

strange rock piles finds north eastern united states

hidden landscapes "ted timreck"

jack ricciardi

new england rock piles

old fulton postcards

american indian pictorgraphs

rocks piled in the woods


the rock pile, ma

historic indian villages and ma waterways

stealing stone

pennsylvania farmers rock piles

hybrid peacocks

glastonbury mountain


pwax said...

Interesting that in the sequential format of a blog there is no structure but that there is such structure in the daily search terms, filtered through Google. They provide a thinned out sample of the blog's content.

Geophile said...

The hybrid peacocks search term made me smile.