Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wildfires threaten tribal sacred sites

Reader Lisa C. sent in this link to an article in the Silicon Valley "Mercury News" [Click here].


Tim MacSweeney said...

Had trouble w/ that link, but I googled the title, came up with several versions that included one from SanDiego: "A few tribal members had voiced apprehensions over firefighters' efforts to conflate and contain the two blazes by intentionally lighting a back fire. They're afraid the firefighters' tactics might cause more damage to their sacred sites than the wildfire would." The Yurok speak an algonquian dialect and have a tradition that they came from the East; I find it a little ironic to hear their concerns about fire when the native fire managment tradition goes back- well back to the last ice age, according to some....

theseventhgeneration said...

This intrigued me, too. I was sent a link to the article here that, if I'm reading it right, suggests that the natural fire is burning at low intensity, which is fine, but the fire line set by the Forest Service burns at high intensity, which is not acceptable. The Mercury News article seems to gloss over this issue.

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