Monday, January 18, 2010

A couple of rock piles behind the new tennis courts at Middlesex School

Lovers of Estabrook woods put up a brave fight to make Middlesex School stick to to its non-expansion promises. But to no avail, and they did end up bulldozing several acres and putting in a tennis court. FFC led me back there and we saw a couple of rock piles just at the edge of the bulldozed "zone". Maybe there were other piles there before.
It is kind of an interesting spot. You are pretty high up and you can see Wachusett from one angle - faint and purple in the distance.
You could definately have seen it from where these piles are, if there trees were not in the way. Here is a closeup of that last pile.Couldn't quite convince myself these piles were ancient, clearly there is some recent debris scattered around.But the view is nice and this would have been a good place for rock piles. Site destruction is sad but at least there are more where that came from east, inside the Estabrook woods.

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