Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stone snake - New Salem NY

Polly Midgely (long time NEARA coordinator for NY state) writes:
This stone structure, which resembles a serpent, was found in June on private property in North Salem NY. I first noticed it from below. The serpent was looking out over a swamp from a higher position above me. It looked fierce.
The serpent faces west and runs E-W along a ridge top for 120 feet. It clears the north side of a house by about 12 feet and extends along the upland length of the property from its ravine edge to the town street. This serpent wall does not mark the property line. It is hard to know if this stone wall/ serpent body was shortened by the street but, to me, the tail does not seem finished.
It is located about 1/2 mile south of the Titicus River and runs parallel to it.

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theseventhgeneration said...

As soon as I saw this picture, it reminded me of the second picture in this post, also from New York.

Although a main difference being the lack of a stone row behind the "head", the rock pile I posted about is near a break out zone, just below a swamp, overlooking the meeting of two brooks, one of which flows out from the swamp.