Monday, January 18, 2010

Horse Hill, Groton

I have a rule that I break at my own peril: don't waste time exploring Groton or Dunstable. I know there is supposed to be a stone chamber somewhere in Groton [if anyone knows where it is, please let me know] but all I find there is sand and granite quarries. It is as though these towns (and I can name others like them) had very harsh land use in the 18- and 19- hundreds and no Indians ever came back afterwards to restore the woods.

So I broke my rule because, once upon a time, I found material at Horse Hill in Groton and wanted to go out and explore the fringes of that location, thinking I might find other things. Instead I pretty much concluded that my original find was not ceremonial. But still, in the midst of things - a split wedged rock. So what to conclude?The wall to the right is on the western edge of the dirt road that goes up towards the hill from Martin Pond Rd.

So somebody was fooling around there.

In this same area there were some very short stretches of wall and some loose rocks piled on boulders. But then the house foundations right nearby confuse me.

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pwax said...

That's weird! Coming back in 2012 reading this. In fact all around Horse Hill is the most dense collection of burial mounds you could imagine. How did I miss them? Why did I eventually find them? Just a personal little thing.