Monday, January 18, 2010

Isolated rock pile

On my way back from the disappointments of Horse Hill in the snow, I wanted to poke around in a smidgen of conservation land I spotted on the map:I was not sure where the entrance was to the conservation land, so found myself driving to the end of each of several small residential roads to see if there was trail head and parking. I was about to give up and decided to check out one more little road and went to the end of it. At the last moment I noticed this a few feet beyond the end of the road, in somebodies backyard.
Determined to not pass up a sure thing, I actually went to knock on the door (usually I am too shy), found the people in a car in their driveway, watching me. So I asked if I could park and go into the conservation land and they more or less said: no. The lack of hospitality is more interesting than the rock pile. I parked somewhere else and snuck back to grab this photo but I could not get up close. And there was nothing else in the woods - just sand and white pines.

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