Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deer Hunters have their "10 Point Bucks"; Rock Pile Hunters have their....

...little competition to see who can get the most rock piles into a single picture. I think I had a 13 pile picture back when [that would be in the series on "Gilmore Rd"] and recall Larry Harrop pointing out it was not fair because my panorama shot, combining several single photos, was being compared to his single photos. I have always thought Larry takes the best rock pile pictures so, where is that panorama of his? Meanwhile, I counted 11 piles in the view I was photoing here, although they may be hard to make out in the final panorama:
Rules of the competition:
  • Separate categories for panorama or single shot photos
  • Annual entries - enter as often as you like.
  • Photographer can move up to 5 feet while taking the photos.
Consider the above my panorama entry for 2010.


Larry said...

Lets see you beat this.

All right, no cheating.I withdraw my entry.

This is a year long contest and the best of the year is the winner?

pwax said...

Yes, and you can submit as often as you like during the year. Best one wins.