Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stone Platform Mounds - Brooklyn CT

Norman Muller writes:

I am attaching a half dozen images of three large platform mounds on private property in Brooklyn, CT, that I photographed on a hot April day in 2005. One (004 and 007) is beside a small stream. A hundred yards or so away is a huge platform mound (013), which measures more than forty feet along one side and is seven feet high (note the metric stick leaning against the well preserved side). Other shots of this mound (011, 012, 015) show that it has deteriorated significantly on the other sides. Perhaps stones were taken from it to construct nearby colonial walls. A third platform mound (022) is on the same stream as the first one (004), but it is pretty much gone except for the general outline.


pwax said...

Is it possible to estimate the shape of the pile - I mean the outline as seen from above?

Norman said...

If you are referring to the last pile, I would say it is rectangular; no measurements, however. The large one is also rectangular, and measures 46 feet long by 24 feet wide and 7.2 feet high. The first one by the stream measured 36 feet long by 18 feet wide. The meter stick gives some idea of its height.

Norman said...

Looking at the photo of the second mound by the stream, I take back the shape I said it was. Let's say oval or amorphous for the time being.