Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elbow Meadow. Some old piles and short L-shaped stretches of wall

I have some pictures of rock piles that are dull, cuz the piles are so low and smeared out that they are barely visible as slight bumps in the forest floor, shadows in the dead leaves. But then I realized that they help to make a point: that older piles get more and more low and earth covered.
Even though one picture is probably enough, I found a second a few feet from this first one,
Since it is not clear, you'll have to take my word for it that these are rectangular piles perhaps 10 feet across. I also found three smaller piles built on support boulder (including one with a quartz cobble - not shown).
It was near a breakout zone, next to an end of a short stretch of stone wall.

The area of Elbow Meadow, which is in Tyngsborough, also is full of "L"-shaped short stretches of wall, near the brook:and:and this one, that leads down to the site with the rock piles mentioned above, before tapering off in a swamp:Another short stretch:

Later, I found one more low, almost invisible, rectangular pile about 10 feet across. That is as close to the Wachusett Tradition as I am likely to get up here in Tyngsborough.

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