Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kettle Holes - a closer look along Firetower Hill Rd.

Went again to look for the kettle hole I remembered with 2 piles. Finally re-located it and my wife found a third pile there. Stumbled into a site with 11 piles on the way in and another with 5 piles on the way out. The 11 were in a small kettle hole and the 5 were on the northeast side of a kind of gully leading out of yet another kettle hole. Where it say "ETC" is where I know from the past there is a trail down hill from the top that passes directly through a number of sites worth re-examining.

Update: I find it interesting that one of the deepest holes there has no piles. It does have a stone wall starting on the eastern flank and running down and back out. But no piles. I wonder why this hole is different. The foliage at the bottom was different - it was barer with more grass and dead leaves, fewer blueberry bushes and no bull briar.


Ted Hendrickson said...

I wonder if there is a temporal aspect to this. Deeper hole means later drying... hence a different ecological mix and less chance of ritual activiy?

pwax said...

I think it is because the main camp was in the deepest hole. The bare ground suggests, to me, that it was more compacted. But who knows? The minor dig Mavor did in one kettle hole did not turn up anything.