Friday, August 05, 2011

Rock Piles in Bellingham, MA

Reader Keith writes:
Near a pond and a creek was a fabulous site full of hundreds of rock piles.Here are a few of the easier ones to photograph. Unfortunately, there is development going on there so you can see some of the piles are damaged.One particular pile had a pin and feather type quarry mark on it. This rock was built into the pile and would be an easy way to put a date to this pile. (this pile is not in the development zone)
Most piles at this site are rock supported piles and ground piles style. There are also many donation type piles with hundreds of small rocks on them. There are also piles with quartz. These large donation piles are very impressive in person. Most piles seem to have much age with them. The one with the quarry marked rock would certainly be on the younger side though.

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