Monday, August 08, 2011

Revisiting another kettle hole

This one is in Falmouth on Firetower Hill Rd, 2nd kettle hole on the left heading north from Brick Kiln Rd. Another lovely place:I remembered this spot as having a rock pile or two. In further retrospect, I think I could be remembering one of the other, deeper kettle holes west of this one. Given recent experiences, I went hoping I might have missed some of the piles and I had. I found 12 piles in all. Quite a few, and comparable to the number I found here.

These piles were arranged like this on the southeast slope of the kettle hole: The lowest pile was at edge of the bottom of the kettle hole and the highest pile was perhaps 50 feet up the slope. On the opposite side of the kettle hole, in what would be the northwestern horizon during summer sunsets, was a level slope and a few boulders. Not a great confirmation of the hypothesis because no particular boulder stood out.

Here is another view of the largest pile but there is an obscured pile in the foreground, on the right:A smaller pile in the bushes, with large pile in the background.Continuing in the same line (away from the big pile which is the leftmost of the middle row of dots on the sketch) are these two others:
Closeup:I cleaned off the pile at the bottom of the slope. There are plenty of others with intact dirt but it would be nice to expose them slightly so the site would be at least visible.

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