Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Rock Piles of Northeastern CT

A new blog about rock piles Click Here. There is a very compelling map with the phrase "Indian Graves". According to the blog author, there are rock piles on the ground there..


JimP said...

Based on the marking on the map, and from what I've seen time and again in Rhode Island, there should be an area there with a post-contact period burial ground. Likely low rough unmarked field stones. That would be the burial ground marked on the map.

What is typical of sites in Rhode Island is to find cairns, standing stones, and quartz features in a wider area around or nearby the post-contact burial ground.

Exactly which features came first, or how they are related, is a mystery to me.

JimP said...

Incidentally, there is another Indian cemetery (and house) listed in the upper left corner of that map.