Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Livermore Land in Boxborough

My out-of-date topo map indicates that this hill used to be an orchard. There are various and sundry rock piles at the foot of the hill by the Beaver Brook Meadow, but up on the brow of the hill there are three large stone mounds, and about 4 or more smaller piles that are rectangular and low to the ground - about 8 feet across. The large mounds look like they contain some field clearing debris but there disposition, at the edge of the outlook to the south, is a classic location for late Wachusett Tradition burial mounds. Certainly there is nothing too compelling about these mounds - other than there size and co-location. But some of the smaller ones look clearly ceremonial and similar to, for example, the ones from Dakins Brook in Concord. They are too well defined, and too clustered and uniform, as a group, to be from field clearing. Here is the nicest one I saw:Another view:Closeup:

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