Saturday, November 19, 2011

A completely inaccessible rock pile site - Rt 110 Harvard, MA

This is something I have been waiting to see: a rock pile site that is completely inaccessible. Even with lower water levels it would be difficult to get to this island of rock at the northern end of Bare Hill Pond in Harvard, MA.It is visible from Rt 110 just east of where it meets Under Pin Hill Rd. Look out into the water to the south and you see a small island. Again:Look closer and you will see rock piles. Closer:I could make out three in a line. That is a great example of a deliberate impractical construction.

Here is an aerial:
[UPDATE: I was able to get out there, Feb 2013]


theseventhgeneration said...

Do you think you could get out to the island when (if) the pond freezes over? This reminds me of the old writings about the kettle hole in NY. There was no good explanation as to why the stones were arranged around the sides of the kettle hole, rather than just thrown into the bottom, which is a pond. Only, this is better because it's inaccessible.

Chris Pittman said...

Great find. About 10 years ago I was exploring in Scituate RI along the muddy shore of a large pond that had been drained. There was a beautiful row of well-built piles that was normally underwater but had been exposed by the recent draining. I failed to record just where this was and have been looking in vain for this place for years. No pictures either, it kills me.

pwax said...

Anyone notice the ditches in the wetland around that little island?