Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Correction: I meant "MHC" not "MAS"

I wrote about "MAS" not knowing about Indian ceremonial features. I made a mistake and should have written "MHC" for Massachusetts Historical Commission. Fred Martin and Tim Fohl correct me. Fred writes:

You should post an important correction to your statement to avoid confusion and hurt feelings, because the MAS and the MHC are totally different bodies. The MAS (Masachusetts Archaeological Society) is the amateur society presently influenced by Curtiss Hoffman, who is an opponent of the MHC policies; NEARA held a joint meeting with them some years ago. The MHC (Massachusetts Historical Commission) is a state agency primarily in charge of nominations of post-contact buildings to the National Register, with 3 bureaucrats in charge of pre-contact archaeology, who insist that Indians do not build in stone. Those 3 have survived through more than 5 state governors, and countless land developers have benefitted from their (sincerely held) opinion.

I am sorry I made the mistake.

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