Sunday, November 20, 2011

Split Boulder.....with two offering holes in Hopkinton, RI

From Jeff in RI:
Cut back some brambles and brushed some pine needles away to reveal the holes. A Eureka moment for sure!
Update: I did not post one picture, because I missed its importance. Note the drill hole at the top of the crack:
Larry Harrop says:
This photo shows the holes. If you follow the thin crack to the top where the boulder is split, you'll notice a third hole that probably caused the crack.(half a hole on each side of the crack) I think somebody was quarrying that boulder.


Anonymous said...

What are you referring to as "offering holes"?

Norman said...

Same question: What are the two holes? I just see a large split.

pwax said...

I think he is referring to the openings on either side of the wedge.

Jeff said...

So do you think this is colonial activity? The holes are only about 5/8 -3/4 of an inch deep. Thanx for pointing out that third hole.