Saturday, November 26, 2011

Huyck Preserve

Reader Cully writes:
Discovered this one on a hike today around the Huyck Preserve in Rensselaerville, New York. It is located on the Partridge Path Loop 1 Trail just before the trail turns to the West from North as one hikes the trail in a counter clockwise direction. Didn’t have my GPS but the approximate coords are 42° 32.367 N, 74° 08.979W. The area is a young forest of about 50 years and is laced with great stone walls.


theseventhgeneration said...

To the north is swamp, to the east is a confluence of two creeks. The site offers a stunning 12-21 sunrise, at or near a notch on the horizon.

Do the rock piles run roughly northwest to southeast along the hill (maybe on a small ridge)? Also, are many of the rock piles on boulders, like the one in the photo? If so, this matches the description of the Ludlow Creek Rock pile site very closely.

There is a stone wall at the edge of the Ludlow Creek site which we judged to be 5 feet in a few places. At the Ludlow Creek site, there is also a strange stone structure at the base of the hill (it seems to demarcate the base of the hill from the flat by the creek) which is rudely constructed, but has the appearance of a stone wall in places. We could not determine if it was related to a mill or not, but, to me, the structure looked like a serpent.

Geophile said...

Nice rock pile!