Monday, November 28, 2011

Roadside Attractions - Justice Hill Rd Stirling

If you happen to be driving southeast on this road, just after the junction with Upper North Row Rd, there are scattered rock piles in the woods to the right (south). I stopped where some were visible from the road, that I had not noticed before:Back towards my car:I parked and took a walk that was kept very short by my current lack of breath and by the large number of downed trees. There are many piles in there that seem clearly ceremonial, what with the use of quartz and all:These look "ceremonial" enough to me. But the area is full of large messy piles at the edge of a drop-off that look considerably more like rock disposal.

Slightly intriguing: a stone wall with a pile next to it, so deeply buried, that you only guess it is there.What with the hard going and the ambiguity, I could not face slogging deeper into an area that I already knew was pretty barren. So I turned back and drove away, to explore somewhere else, in a different part of Stirling. Also with no result.

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