Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hill between Century Mill Rd and Danforth Brook

I was heading up the northern side of a hill near Danforth Brook in Bolton and was a little surprised to see a rock pile as I glanced downhill:But there it was. It even had a bit of lighter colored rock in it, something you see occasionally in marker piles.Up on the side of a hill this way, I automatically assume that is what the piles are. But I needed to find something else since one rock pile does not make a site. Here was another:And a view back up the slope towards the first one. Note how the shadows stretch across the place.
And here was another:And another, this one nicely built, including the more typical "vertical sides" I expect from marker piles. Here is another view back towards the first pile. The piles were all more or less at the same level or slanting a bit in a downhill diagonal from the first, I guess evenly spaced if you include a few rocks poking up through the leaves.It is worth noticing how flat (not level) the ground is here.

At the top of the hill, a lone sentinel, but still more or less part of this same rock pile cluster:Closeup:This is a big hill. Last time I explored it was on an overcast day and I quickly got lost. I remember going around the hill several times looking for my entrance direction and coming back to the same spot unexpectedly. This time it was a bright and sunny and I decided to stay to the left (east) and explore some more in that direction. This first cluster came as a surprise. Seeing a few more traces near a little vernal wet spot, facing northeast, was less surprising:
Also throughout the woods I came across occasional rock-on-rock or other small rock piles:And I kept going until I got back down towards the road and the brook, and saw some familiar rock piles over there. Headed back by road to my car, hearing a police siren and wondering if it was my car on Century Mill Rd, improperly parked again. Yup, but the policemen was quite polite and I was soon on my way home.

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