Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alpine Hill: the panoramas and some details

Selecting quotes from here:

...there is the dappled light of a stone mound, a large rock pile on the horizon. ...It is a mound with a short flanking side wall. And a bit of white rock atop the side wall. And a diagonal line from the main mound over to some decrepit wall bulges that seem to have hollows.
[from right to left: mound, gap, sidewall, a diagonal wall (too low to make out), then the larger stone wall, all the way to the left]
[view of the bulges along the wall, burnt rock to the far right]...And then I see more large wall bulges with dimples, beyond them...a larger mound and an open field.[note the small pile on the right in the background]...what do you know - the wall opens like a gateway between the brook and the mound. I see...an "island" of trees in the upper part of the field. On investigation, it turns out to be another large smeared out stone mound....I see a little pattern to the side [visible to the right above and in detail below]
[see the way soil has eroded down over the edge of this "island"?]...beyond the open field, there was another large rock pile....At one point I saw a little pattern [here]

...another large mound on the hillside, looking northwest....These mounds are pristine (ignoring the scarring from the log skidder) [not to mention the tar shingles]
[The classic shape - a small flat topped pyramid.]

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