Friday, April 20, 2012

Cairns from Maine

NEARA coordinator for ME , Ros Strong wites:
Here are some rock piles from Maine. This is a very interesting site with a variety of features. It is on private land and we have the owner’s permission, in fact he got in touch with me. The first cairn we noticed, #1 is a fairly typical oval cairn, in nice undisturbed condition. 
Cairn #3 is not far away and is the biggest and most unusual that I have ever seen. It is about 25’ in diameter, not quite round, with two sides slightly flattened that may align to cairn # 2 that is partially destroyed, no good photo.
The big cairn is unique with the well built wall of big rocks is about 5’ high and filled with smaller rocks. There are a number of other cairns and walls that may have marked old boundaries.
The stone seat  appears to be a naturally shaped stone with another rock placed on the “seat”.
The land is fairly level and has been logged at various times over the years but shows no evidence of agricultural use or buildings of any size.We have surveyed the area which is not very large and I have done deed research  with some professional help, but even with an 1809 map, we have no clue as to any possible purpose.


Anonymous said...

Why is someone walking on a cairn?
Don't you think that's a bit irresponsible?

pwax said...

It is a bit disrespectful. But this pile looks pretty solid, so it may be harmless as far as that goes.