Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scott Rd etc parts c and d

With respect to the map here. There were various things to be seen in the woods downhill and east of the spot I marked under the power lines at "b". Including scattered structures that were part of that site and revealed it to be located near a spring (cuz they were downhill where the gully was more noticeable)Then I got to a lower road (not sure which dashed line on the map is properly called "Scott Rd") and saw a nice foundation:Continuing eastward on the road, I saw a rock pile a few feet downhill (the third place with rock piles of the day) and, suspicious of solitary piles, went down the slope to make sure it was as isolated as it seemed.
On the contrary, there were six or more rock piles nearby but so smeared and covered with leaves as to be more or less invisible. There are at least three here:This pointed me downhill and I continued to see rock piles in the woods in that direction. I got to another little structure (shown earlier)and then a short stone berm:and a few feet downhill, a short stretch of wall with one bend in it, quite different from the berm:Then another little structure:
Then I got to a third road near the bottom of the hill but also parallel with whichever one uphill is called "Scott Rd" and just below it: a beautiful example of a rock pile with a hollow - a Wachusett mound:The view:From the side:

As you can see, it is built against a boulder and is roughly rectangular or, at least, oblong. Here is a view from below:
As I mentioned in the video (#3 here) there was quite a lot quartz and white feldspar on the surface of this pile.I want to comment that both large "mounds" from sites a and b had an extension consisting of a small rectangular pier sticking out from a corner of the main mound. Either this mound at d is of a different style or perhaps the boulder served the same purpose as the extension.

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