Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mills Mound Comparison

I took another look at an image from the “Mills Mound” Blog:
In the bottom right hand corner were two features I look for in photographs of what are often labeled as “Cairns” or “Mounds” – a possible turtle head stone, a V-shaped beak and an eye visible in this one, and a right foreleg. Above it as well are stones that represent the scutes of a turtle carapace or shell.
I compared it to my friend Norman Muller’s photo of what has been described as “a well formed turtle cairn” in North Madison CT, reversing the image to show what, to me, are the similarities between the two:

And browsing around I found a different Mills Mound Cairn that resembles the front view:

I think this is Dan Boudillion photo of a similar smile, but on a solid stone carapace turtle:
We don't know the mood of this box turtle effigy:


Hemocyl said...

Really cool pics. I really like them

pwax said...

If it was my burial, I am not sure I would appreciate people seeing turtles in the collapsed structure of my grave.