Sunday, April 08, 2012

How Falulah Brook got its Name and a Hartwell Cemetery

From the Proceedings of the Fitchburg Historical Society 1895:

Mention was made of a recent gift to the city, by Miss Mary E. Hartwell, of the locality known as Falulah, the desire of the donor being that the tract should be added to the city's park system, and that it should retain its present name. In answer to an inquiry it was stated that the name Falulah was suggested by that of a character in a once popular romance, and that it was first applied to the locality by Mr. William E. Hartwell (brother of the donor), who formerly owned it.

After finding this quote yesterday, it was a surprise to come across the graves of early members of the Hartwell family, when exploring near Scott Brook (a tributary of Falulah Brook) in Fitchburg today. Here are the graves of Abijah Hartwell and, I guess, two wives Olive and Sarah:Abijah:
Olive:Sarah [died 1850]A foot stone:

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