Friday, September 21, 2012

Last pictures from the old camera

I wanna say about my camera: she was a good old horse but developed cataracts. Anyway, here are some pictures from another part of the Sudbury State Forest. The sites are actually pretty frequent in these low lying areas south of Concord. I just never really explored them.
But this is a place I have been to several times and blogged about. (Cannot find the link, it was about rock piles built into outcrops). Since last time I was there my eye has gotten my perpetual quest to find rock piles with hollows. So lets take a look at some of the (blurry, milky, and soon to be in the past) pictures from the old camera. You can actually see the rock piles from Concord Rd but you need to get out to have a close look at the outcrops there. All of them have faint traces of structures. In the end, it becomes obvious that there are some man-made additions there.
Here is a ramp that wraps around the side of an outcrop...very faint but clear once you see it.
 From the other end:
An adjacent outcrop, with a small structure at the end:
A view back towards one of the enhanced outcrops, from a more prominent boulder, looking over several very short stretches of wall:
The next is a small example, that I was confident had a visible hollow in the middle [blurry old camera!]. 
And then what you would expect to see nearby: a smaller satellite pile with a bit of white rock:
These are quite reminiscent of what is in northern Dunstable: rock piles with hollows built up against boulders. 
Goodbye to the old camera.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

I took some more photos of some mounds that greatly resemble those "short stretches" - the day before you posted this.