Monday, September 17, 2012

Part of Strawberry Hill, Acton

We were on a part of Strawberry Hill we probably should not have been on and saw a curious stone wall limited roadway, with three stone walls. Hard to imagine the need for Jersey Barriers in colonial times. We were following the wetland uphill and the triple wall only lasted a few yards. We came upon rock-on-rocks and small rock piles, which FFC was quick to point out. And eventually we got to some faint outlines. All of this was in a failed attempt to find a quicker route to the "Midway" site that we are hoping to explore in detail.
Here we saw:
andand the view uphill.One outline picture was blurry but this one is clear:Given my obsession with rock piles with hollows, you'll understand my desire to see this as of the same nature.
Another little rock pile
A few more rock-on-rocks

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