Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More arrowhead finds

One evening after work last night Dave and I went to go for a walk in a sandy place where we have both found some arrowheads this year. Every time there is a good rain it moves the sand around and there is always the chance something new will pop up. We were only there for an hour or so, I didn't find anything but Dave spotted this little quartz triangle fully exposed after less than 15 minutes.
It could be a narrow Squibnocket Triangle or possibly a Madison. I am jealous.
After we searched the area it rained a couple of times so I went back on Saturday. The conditions were perfect- wet ground with clean rocks, no dust, bright overcast with no distracting shadows. I saw a lot of flakes and chips but didn't find any tools until I found this in a spot I had previously skipped.
This is the broken base of a stemmed point, I would call this a Neville Variant. I'm not sure what the material is but it is very nice and pretty, cream-colored with pink streaks. Too bad it is broken.
I kept looking and I found this very small quartz arrowhead. This is what some people would call a "bird point." I don't find many in this size and shape. I don't think it is really possible to date these little small stemmed points.
I also found this Squibnocket Triangle. This is larger than average for this shape. I would like to think the shape of the tip indicates it was modified for use as a drill, but I suppose it might be more likely that the tip is just damaged on both sides.
Here is everything I found in 2-1/2 hours of searching. The dark-colored fragment is one "tang" of a very finely made thin broad point. The parallel flaking suggests it is something from the Archaic period. It is a tiny piece of what once was something very nice.
Saturday night it rained hard. I went back to this place and spent another 2 hours there Sunday morning. I didn't find anything at all.


pwax said...

My God! Good Lord! Holy Smokes!

pwax said...

Maybe the triangle was resharpened.