Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rock pile found when wandering in woods near Lake Waramaug

Reader Will S. writes:
Today I was off-trail hiking (way off-trail) through the woods bordering Lake Waramaug and discovered a rock pile atop a large foundation rock (pics are attached).  I am fully aware that this could simply be something done recently, but do not possess the requisite knowledge to determine that....Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.
[PWAX - I comment that it looks a lot like the isolated pile I showed here]

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Tim MacSweeney said...

A documented stone pile, connected to a historic Sachem at Waramaug or "the good fishing place," has shown up at Rock Piles, and I just found another bit of info about it's location: “On the summit of Lover’s Leap, Chief Waramaug was buried. The spot, in the Hurd estate (not open), was formerly marked by the usual pile of stones built by passing warriors as a mark of respect, but the great house was erected, and the main fireplace stands directly over the chiefs grave (page 465).”
Connecticut: A Guide to Its' Roads, Lore and People
Wilbur Cross; Federal Writers Project
Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1938

Closer to the lake, on a hillside above it, the oldest pottery shards in New England was found not too long ago: - my friend in the photo contributed to an article in Issue 52 of the Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of Connecticut (but I haven't read it - yet)...