Saturday, September 15, 2012

Larger stone mounds -at last!- on Jewell Hill Ashburnam

After fighting my way downhill to the west from the top of Jewell Hill, I got to the saddle and over toward a sub summit and finally came across some larger mounds. I was looking all weekend and only saw that little "F" over by Falulah Brook (see here). I thought the saddle between the main hill and the summit that you see at "B" on the map would be a good place to look and that was correct. I started seeing loose piling along an outcrop:
You can see there is some structure there, with the bit of outline in the foreground. Hard to make anything out under the covering of ferns. I was not sure if I was seeing actual structure. Here is a view of the whole thing:I proceeded to B and saw another mound of ferns, which was confirmed as a rock pile by the bit of retaining wall visible:
It is actually more than five feet tall at the downhill side.
There were two smaller "satellite" piles within 30 feet of this one, helping to confirm its nature. Each satellite had a white rock:anddetail of the white rock:There was at least one more, a third, large mound covered with ferns:These mounds are at the border between Falulah and Philips Brook watersheds.

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