Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vandalized petroglyph or not?

A curious story from the Pincher Creek Voice (a small Alberta newspaper): "Local history drilled out and washed away? "


Norman said...

As more and more information comes out about this supposed "vandalism," it becomes less certain that it is.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Still, as someone named Anonymouscommented on 21/9/12:
"Leaving aside the question of writings or pictographs, the blazingly obvious thing for anyone who's been to the site is that someone was up there, at night with drill and water blaster to clean the site, as in scouring and drilling. So the question remains... why?" And "Why?" at ten other places as well.

Anonymous said...

Someone went to expensive lengths to vandalize a site when spray paint would have done the job just fine. The denials by authorities and retraction by the press leaves me suspicious. Would there be any reason that the Canadian government would wish to expunge the historical artifacts of the First Nations?