Friday, March 29, 2013

On the way back from the Powissett Mounds

Referring to the previous post
Usually I just stumble along in an area where I hope there will be rock piles. I look for undisturbed woods, I look for hill and water, but mostly I believe my discoveries are purely opportunistic. I find sites because I am persistent and vaguely systematic. But every once and a while, my little antennae tingle at the site of a familiar topography. I see something and say: that looks like a place I have found rock piles in the past. 
For example, this pallisade of stone wall, carefully following the outcrops.
I saw this on my right as I headed south along a trail. I do not think I have the place locate correctly on the map (of the previous post). Anyway, I have found rock piles on hills, in little flat areas surrounded by these sorts of "pallisades" and was telling myself: you really need to go take a look up there.
I am a lazy old man, more tired than usual because of the past several months of reduced activity, but forced myself to go take a look. There was one more rock pile up there, and I will take credit for some skill in addition to luck in finding it.
 There are lots of little curiosities in these woods:
I am encouraged to go back again this next weekend. The snow should be gone and I can hope to find another nice site in there.

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Nice find! I know that "looming" feeling well...