Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Little Underwater Comparison

Yes I did post some photos about an underwater site, perhaps from a "less than reliable" sort of website.
Below is a photo from a more trusted source showing some boulders that don't look quite as "fresh" as the cobbles in the "pristine" site with the "anonymous discoverer," who I suspect might just as well be called the "anonymous hoaxster builder."  
Divers examining boulders at the bottom of Lake Huron that served as caribou drive lanes for prehistoric hunters.
What's the obvious difference?
"You decide," as they say.
(And I've posted this link before: - just in case you want to compare it to almost anything found here: )
I'd also be willing to wager $1 that the "anonymous discoverer" has a bumper sticker or magnetic ribbon on his/her car that looks much like this:

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pwax said...

Darn. I should have looked more carefully. Wonder how they know the real ones were for Caribou? I guess they are guessing.