Friday, May 31, 2013

Stone Piles now being recorded by Mass Government

From Massachusetts Heritage Landscape Inventory Program 27 Bolton Reconnaissance Report
Which I read here:

Parenthetically: this is not a site I have located.


Norman said...

What connection does this group have with the state historic preservation office and the state archaeologist, if any? If they are outside the latter, perhaps they can put pressure on the HP office to change, if that's ever possible.

Norman said...

Looking at the document more closely, simply mentioning stone piles at this one site doesn't imply a change of thinking about Indians and stone construction. The emphasis is on the historic landscape, and this is also reflected in the DCR document "Reading the Land," which is also available online.
I hope you get a chance, Peter, to explore the stone piles at this one site in Bolton, just to see what the authors are talking about.