Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Faces on a Stone

Someone asked me what I thought about this stone (not in person, just somewhere online).
I thought I'd pose the question here, about this "silkstone" carving...
"cat head carve in rock the rock was plow up in the bottom"
(the finder writes)
"the other side of the rock found in 1980 on beaver creek floyd co ky"


Norman said...

10:1 it isn't ancient.


pwax said...

Not even 10:1. Are we being asked something about this rock? According to the captions, one side was plowed up and the other came from a creek? The cat head is kind of cute.

Tim MacSweeney said...

The question I was asked: "Who did this type of work in the NA communities?"
My answer: "Looks more like the work of the "Anyone But (Indians)" people. What's the claim?"
I was told: "An anthropology prof. at Berea. Dr. Payne examined this artifact. He also didn't know who, but did feel it is genuine..." I never did find out more about the "genuine what" part. But I suspect the finder might have made it and offered some tips on how to make a fake look older.

pwax said...

Reading it again, I have to laugh. That is one magic rock! Being found in two different places.