Monday, September 23, 2013

A site next to Second Brook, off Bush Hill Rd - Hudson NH

I walked down to the edge of the Second Brook (left hand blue rectangle) and found a solitary rock pile there. 
I looked carefully for other piles in one direction, walking 20 yards or so. There were none. I looked carefully in another direction, there were none. There were bushes a few feet away in a dip, and I saw a rock in there. When I pushed through, I could see other piles on a little high spot. I should have known to look on the knoll next to water first. In this case, I am glad I was looking carefully. 
Here are details of the first pile:
This pile is faintly triangular.
And the second pile, in the bushes:
From there I could see another on a little rise (we are looking back towards the brook now):
The little "rise" the little "ridge" [I don't know what to call it] had another rock pile at the other end:
So the piles were in a layout like this with the first pile in the lower left:
These piles are of a type that should be familiar to the reader: smeared out with one white rock. The smear sometimes looks a bit triangular, sometimes a bit rectangular.  Here we are back at the first pile again.

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pwax said...

In retrospect (2017) that highest pile is a pointer that throws a shadow over the other three. Just like at Sandy Pond Lincoln.