Wednesday, September 11, 2013

High Ridge Wildlife Management Area Westminster

I located a wonderful large mound here, mainly by hunting systematically. I covered the area at the lower part of the map and saw a couple of possible rock piles next to the brook. But when I dove back in I found a large mound connected to short stretch of stone wall, in a pattern something like this:
It was hard to photo the whole structure. It was maybe a 40 feet long wall , with a 12 foot mound at one end (here the mound is one the left):
This is one of the biggest rock piles I have seen. When it gets big enough, let's call it a mound ("it's a beaut"):

Here is a view from the end of the stone wall:
 Hmmm. Big. Might have had more structure once.
I was curious if there would be a hollow on top. Indeed there was a small compartment:

Here is the video:
I suppose the wall led off in a particular direction which I should have noted. Here is one more view of where the pile connects with the wall: 
There were a few traces of smaller piles in the area:
For the sake of the memory, let me mention that just before finding this mound, I interacted with a baby wren and had to reassure it I meant no harm.


Norman said...

That's an extraordinary stone pile. It would be interesting to see images of it and the wall later in the year when the leaves are gone from the trees and shrubs.

pwax said...

It reminds me of one of your Oley Hills pictures: the large pile with a "snakey" wall coming off it.