Monday, September 09, 2013

Early Fall- starting to explore again

It was great getting back into the woods a few weekends ago but I did not have a lot of luck finding new rock pile sites. It was nice to show Spruce Swamp Brook to FFC. Here he is pointing out another rock pile underneath the silt. This one has a bit of quartz on top:
Here is another (3rd):
And some grooming which, to my surprise, revealed a small hole going into the center of the pile, about 3" wide (I didn't get a picture).
Then sharp-eyed FFC noticed a little circle of stone:
Look close! I was starting to doubt the site was anything other than messy result of field clearing but for such a minor feature as this little circle. There is no getting around deliberate structure like this, that requires a non-random explanation. Lucky to have FFC along. During the walk we saw a few new piles and, downstream from the entrance the terraces looked more intriguing than ever. Someone should go back.
The next day I went to Wolfden Hill in Leominster St. Forest. Saw a few things on the eastern side of the summit and slope (2 small piles visible here):
After that it was mostly just colors and interesting bits of wildlife. 
A newt:
Moose poopie:
and a tired guy.
I followed the moose trails over to one of the headwaters of Steam Mill Brook. 

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