Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Fat L" rock piles

Here is a standard design, one of the forms of rectangular piles with a "hollow":
Here is one beside Falulah Brook:
I wrote about that site here.

Here is one from High Ridge Wildlife Management Area. It is beside an un-named brook feeding the Whitman River:
I wrote about that site here, where this is located at the lower blue mark on the map.

I take it this is another. It is from near Brush Bush Hill Rd in Hudson NH. It is on a bluff overlooking Second Brook.
I haven't written about the site yet.

I am sorry they are hard to see in the pictures. They are not easy to photograph and not easy to see in the first place. I believe these are old burial mounds. It is no wonder people do not know about them.

So let's call these "fat L" piles, a variant of the "lazy 9" piles I wrote about here.


Unknown said...

Peter -
I think you mean "Bush Hill Road". There is no Brush Hill Road in Hudson, but Bush Hill Road runs close to Second Brook.

pwax said...

Sorry. Bush Hill Rd it is.