Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Waskosim’s Rock - Chilmark MA

"Waskosism's Rock and "Middle Line" were boundaries that divided Wampanoag land from Mayhew land for about ten to twenty years. Middle Line was a straight line drawn from Waskosim's rock across the Island to Menemsha Pond. Looking toward Menemsha Pond, the land on the right was Wampanoag and the land on the left was Mayhew. Today, Waskosim's marks a different boundary between the towns of Chilmark and West Tisbury. Waskosim means "new stone" in Wampanoag. You can find Waskosim's on a hike in the Land Bank reservation, which is beautiful woodlands and natural grassland vistas, marked by sign on North Road in Chilmark."

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