Thursday, September 26, 2013

The best of NEMBA Vietnam

Just about in the middle of the planned casino development:
That would be around here:
I'll post some pictures next.


Unknown said...

Peter -
The three stone piles I saw were just about 800 meters due west of this site, on the other side of the power lines, just to the northeast of the shield for I-495. In addition I believe that there are some piles in the median between the southbound and northbound lanes of I-495 about 250 meters to the southeast of this location. I pass by this area every day, but I'm not about to take my life in my hands to try to get there on foot!

BruceM said...

This is the site I showed you several years ago.

pwax said...

Bruce: what you showed me was a lot more complex and bigger than this site I am describing. Yours was further west where it says "Rocky Woods".

Bruce M said...

I've taken you there a couple of times to a couple of different areas and the major concentration is off Adams Street. I've explored the area that says Rocky Woods and only found some minor stuff there. The area you have circled is definitely an area I've explored and found good stuff and I'm sure I've showed it to you, if not the area you have circled then not at all far from it.