Thursday, November 06, 2014

King's Stool (PA)

      "(A) sacred stone called King’s Stool on Third Mountain, the only one that does not touch the Susquehanna River...I hiked up the ridge and about a mile along it found the tollest thinnest rock pillar i have seen in my decades of hikes in the mountains of PA. It was about 15 foot high from the already high ridge of stone and only about 6 X 4 feet wide at the top. You could easily climb up it inching along a ridge, but to get down had to slide off the back to the next stone maybe 8 feet below. Now as you can see from the picture (above) this pillar looks, with no stretch of your imagination, like a turtle with turtle head and eye and mouth on the bottom (North America was called Turtle Island by the Natives), then above it 3 coils of a serpent with the head of a horned nose snake which was a local and Snake God who was worshiped across the Americas north and south. It was Obviously a sacred place for sure..."

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