Friday, November 21, 2014

Foundation or Enclosure?

When I came across the photo below, I questioned the house foundation theory implied, and instead thought about some previous posts about some circular enclosures some of us had written about:

"The Keystone Arch Bridges Trail: Magic in the Berkshire Mountains" - Tuesday, April 6, 2010
    “In a patch of forest in the Berkshire Hilltowns of Chester, Becket and Middlefield, monoliths loom: Monuments of mechanical magic, spans of spatial interpretation, stone apparitions framed in thick-treed horizons growing from gorge walls and fording a wild, steady cascade. Visionary bridges to the tomorrow of yesterday… Usually it isn't until the dwelling is gone, evidence of life left behind in stone and scrap, that we wonder: What happened here? The question raises new walls atop sill plates of the past, ghosts hidden within…”

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Curt Hoffman said...

Tim -
I've got 85 stone circles in my inventory! Some of them are much less defined than this one is.