Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Roadside Attraction - Overlook Rd Westminster

Visible from the road is a little "window" pile (sorry about photo quality) down near the water west of the road:
With respect to the previous posts: I found 2 sites, a prayer seat, an isolated pile near the parking lot of High Ridge, and this roadside attraction. Not a bad day trip to Westminster.


Curt Hoffman said...

Peter -
You have visited this general location before - I have 2 sites in my inventory from High Ridge, one with "several" rock piles and the other with a cairn and a stone row. The former is apparently downslope nearer the water from the site with the fading piles, while the latter is further to the east.


pwax said...

Recent report are, as far as I remember, new places I have not seen before. I would recommend the two blue outlines from the previous post.