Monday, November 10, 2014

Tiny Little Stones on Bedrock (and other assorted features)

Above, a contributor to this blog (who might be an archaeologist) points to something or other on the north end an exposed bedrock outcrop Snake Head that just might have possibly been humanly enhanced as another contributor to this blog takes a digital photo, thinking, "Okay, I'm missed the Snake Head all the many times I walked right by it before but I know I saw all the cup marks in the stone - so why is he pointing to that one?"
These two crops above and below are sad replacements for the actual photos the contributor with the camera should have taken instead of being shocked at what was there... 
...and two actual sad close ups:

And a third photo of some of the cup marks:
A Bird's Eye View:
And a wider view, including a vernal pool:
That sort of bedrock spine leads to a row of stones:
Some of the stones in that row of stones suggest zoomorphic human creations, sometimes showing signs of workmanship, like a pit for an eye or details of a nuchal:
An interesting choice of stones and placement: 
One contributor forgot to ask the other if 'sculpting' rather than "pecking" would be the proper term to describe some of the possible human enhancements to the stones: 

(There was a short discussion that this could be proof that Jug Bands may have made the stone walls of New England but no other instruments such as washboards or kazoos were found, although washtubs have been sighted here and there...)

A desecrated stone pile - one observer said "Neo-Pagan" while the the other person alluded (in cleaned up language here) that it may have been "Just some jerk." 
This view along the other stone pilings makes the crime seem even worse:


Anonymous said...

Whoa! Nice effigys, marked-out stones, cairns, niche spots, etc. Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for sharing-

Matt Howes

pwax said...

What town is this in?

Norman said...

Wonderful photos. And the cupules are impressive, and to me quite rare in New England.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Peter, check your email for the location please.

Curt Hoffman said...

I think we may have found the world's smallest stone pile in that cupule!

Tim MacSweeney said...

If that little disturbed testudinate pile were found at Bannock Point, it might be called "the world's smallest petroform." I'd rather not say exactly where it is - would saying New Haven county be close enough?

Tommy Hudson said...

I too find the cupules interesting. I see two, and possibly a third, on the rock in front of the man. There may be another two on the rock behind him. I would like to know how far this cupule stone is from a stream and the orientation of the stone as viewed in the photo. Norman mentioned that cupule stones are quite rare in New England. Does anyone have photos of other cupule sites? It would be great to compare their configuration to other cupule site along the Eastern Seaboard.