Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Lost Valley of Wallace Brook

Who needs poetry when you can just read the map? Needless to say, I have to go check this place out, although it's a cold Sunday morning.

Update:  for the most part the comment to make about this "lost valley" is: "good riddance". Boulder fields with sphagnum moss, dark under the hemlock in the low places, mountain laurel all around on the higher ground. I got about a quarter of a mile in, didn't see more than a smidgen of stonework, and turned back. The only thing that would get me back in there is a persistent curiosity about how so much acreage could be invisible - maybe if I went just a little further it would open up into some kind of Shangri La.


Curt Hoffman said...

That watershed - the Nissitissit - is largely unexplored for stone constructions - I have only one site in Townsend MA in it. Happy hunting!

pwax said...

I am looking at those big hills up there: Russel and Potanipo. Lots of hunting to do up there!

pwax said...

I am afraid the Nissitissit may turn out to be a relatively barren place. 2 trips there has netted ~0