Monday, November 24, 2014

More northernmost Townsend State Forest - part 2

Continuing from here, let's head down into the valley. Just across it I see a substantial wall. It ends up as part of a curious configuration, leading uphill to a corner where there is a mound with hollows. Along the way I notice an isolated short stretch of stone wall to the side. The overall configuration is a bit like this:
Here is a view of the lower end of the wall (facing west in the photo, and with west at the top of the sketch)
Here is the pile at the upper corner. with hollow (see below for details):
And here is the strange little bit wall off by itself to the side:
Let's take a closer look at the pile in the corner of the wall:

I do not think this is for disposal of extra rocks. I am quite suspicious of the whole complex of walls and, yes, house foundations which are near to hand. How about this pile, that would have been in some 18th century front yard:
Lot's of internal structure here:

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